Why the Coverall Program is the Right Choice

It's important to determine what you're looking for when choosing a commercial cleaning company for your office, business, daycare, gym or other facility. Ask yourself if your current cleaning service is delivering everything you need. With the Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Program you get:

  • A healthy clean: A unique cleaning program that reduces the spread of illness-causing germs and odors
  • Customized cleaning plan: Fits your needs and budget so it's right for you
  • Competitive pricing: We show you exactly how your pricing is determined based on industry standards
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Phone, online and onsite customer support
  • Bonded and insured: Services provided by fully bonded and insured Coverall Franchise Owners
  • Innovative products and equipment: EPA-registered cleaning products and industry-leading equipment
  • Reduced cross-contamination: Color-coded microfiber cleaning system for maximum cleanliness
  • Professional Clean Team: Trained and certified Coverall Franchisees
  • Special Services: Specific cleaning methods to address your floors, carpets and special areas

Scientific Measurement and Patent-Pending System

The Coverall Program is the only mandated and patent-pending cleaning system proven with scientific measurement. While other companies may say they use some of the same technology we do, in reality what they are actually doing is something much different. The Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Program is proven to clean for appearance and reduce the spread of illness-causing germs in your workplace, all for the same price or less than your traditional commercial cleaning service.

Ask Us to Prove It!

Our free G.E.R.M.* Scan will show you exactly how effective the Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Program will be in your environment. Call 585-586-4610 to schedule your ten-minute test today.

[ * G.E.R.M.: General Evaluation of Residual Microbes ]

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